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Romney ready to campaign with Santorum


Romney on how he gets Santorum voters: "We campaign together and make sure we see these people…"

— Toby Harnden (@tobyharnden) April 11, 2012

Romney on Fox says when he "finally" becomes the nominee he and Santorum "will be campaigning together"

— Emily Friedman (@EmilyABC) April 11, 2012

My best guess is that Romney and Santorum will do an event in Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania next week and Rick will endorse #PA2012

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZitoTrib) April 11, 2012

Romney says in his conversation with Santorum this morning they talked about family and how they can work together to defeat Obama

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZitoTrib) April 11, 2012

All together now… RT @toddstarnes: Santorum's communication director: Romney is more conservative than Obama.

— Michi I. (@michi83) April 10, 2012

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