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Rosie O’Donnell being stalked by ‘rags’; prepares world for ‘major bullshit’


Rosie O’Donnell is sounding the BS alarm! The actress/comedian has prepared her Twitter followers for some “major bullshit” to come in Star magazine after realizing they’ve been stalking her and fiancee Michelle Rounds.

so get ready for some major bullshit – coming ur way – via the rags … #FAMEISTHEIMPENDINGGLITTERINGDISASTER

— Rosie (@Rosie) August 1, 2012

Lots of Rosie fans are sympathetic to the star’s plight

@Rosie I always say that I love my privacy and would never want to be famous. Hang in there

— Greg Silva (@gregsilva1) August 1, 2012

@Rosie Those who love you, will always love you and not pay any attention to trashy magazines. Hugs. xo

— Kimberly Mitchell (@mommajm96) August 1, 2012

@Rosie if you'd like i could make a video where i cry and tell them to leave you alone. i'm not above it, and i like you enough to do it.

[email protected] (@patricktornado) August 1, 2012

Others … not so much.

@Rosie That's part of the game u want attention u have it.

— highsteppin (@highsteppin) August 1, 2012

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