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Sam Stein makes ‘joke’ about why Obama spoke early; Believability ensues


Huffington Post political reporter Sam Stein published a tweet a little while ago in regards to why President Obama did not wait until after the House vote to make remarks about the bill that would re-open government and raise the debt ceiling:!/samsteinhp/status/390636192775282688

After expressing surprise that so many people were actually believing something a Huffington Post reporter wrote, Stein made it clear he was just kidding:!/samsteinhp/status/390638176915963904!/samsteinhp/status/390638529644359681

At the time this post was published, Stein had yet to delete the tweet.

Next time it might be wise to point out that it was a joke in the same tweet (a simple “jk” works wonders):!/gwbstr/status/390644817241604097

Stein’s “joke” was re-tweeted well over 100 times, because for many it fairly believable:!/KatMcKinley/status/390640954547654656!/Brock_Handsome2/status/390652679514783744!/hale_razor/status/390638721529167872

Or perhaps when Stein tweeted that the Obamas were seeing “Gravity” at 9:10, he was indeed joking, but for a more minor reason:!/dandrezner/status/390644264331673600


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