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Sanctimonious hypocrisy: Foster the People front man preaches on guns


It was over 100 years ago and stuff. Just like that pesky old Constitution!

Ah, the sanctimony! As Twitchy reported, this isn’t the first time Foster the People’s front man has taken to Twitter to preach. Earlier this year, he begged Obama to “fight NRA bullies.” As we mentioned  then, this is quite ironic considering the fact that Foster the People were made famous by their debut single, which was about a sociopathic teen fantasizing about … a gun massacre.

He continues preaching.

So much would be prevented with common sense, like: If your kid has mental problems, why take him to a shooting range for target practice?

— Foster The People (@fosterthepeople) December 19, 2012

Our culture has become so self-serving that we seldom go out of our way when someone ‘inconveniently’ needs help.

— Foster The People (@fosterthepeople) December 19, 2012

We’ve reverted back to that old childhood game of closing our eyes and thinking that the world around us has disappeared.

— Foster The People (@fosterthepeople) December 19, 2012

Kind of like sticking your head in the sand and pretending that there is no evil? And that men, and women, use firearms to protect themselves from attackers? But, whatever! They can just ask their attacker to “evolve,” evidently.

There needs to be real change if we are going to evolve into a better society. It starts with a loud booming unified voice of common sense.

— Foster The People (@fosterthepeople) December 19, 2012

Preaching after profiting off a song about a gun massacre fantasy. The song, by the way, has been kicked out of rotation on some radio stations.

More music world fallout from the CT shooting: LA’s KIIS-FM removes @fosterthepeople‘s “Pumped Up Kicks” from rotation.

— idolator dot com (@idolator) December 19, 2012

And what about the utter hypocrisy?

@fosterthepeople Would you write a song about common sense?

— Deanna Cruz (@yeahdeanna) December 19, 2012

@fosterthepeople Have you ever been in a position where a gun could have saved your life? Thats what I thought.

— Jon Flory (@Mcflurry_Flo) December 19, 2012

Bingo. You want common sense? Then stop the sanctimonious feel-good nonsense not based in reality.

This Twitter user sums all such “arguments” up.

Let’s have a rational discussion that’s based solely on my emotional aversion to guns.

— J Kane (@J_Kane) December 18, 2012

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