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Sen. McCaskill again bravely runs away, this time from Obamacare


Oh, dear. Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D-Mo.) terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day is continuing and well on its way to becoming a never-ending, terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad groundhog day. First, she bravely ran away from the Democratic National Convention. Now this?

RT @PounderFile: Uh oh…"Sen. McCaskill Silent on Support For President Obama's Healthcare Law"

— Brittany Cover (@bccover) June 29, 2012

And not just regular, old silent. Even her spokesman can’t find her!

Funny @clairecmc hasn't met a camera she didn't like but today even her staff can't find her

— LTrover (@LTrover) June 29, 2012

HAHAHA: @Clairecmc spox still trying to "pin down some time with Claire" to get Obamacare reaction

— Tim Miller (@Timodc) June 29, 2012

Oh no; we hope she isn’t hiking the Appalachian Trail. Wait, whew! This guy has found her.

I think I found @clairecmc

— Tim Miller (@Timodc) June 29, 2012

She is not going to be too pleased by that reminder. Twitter users hold the senator’s Liar McLiarPants feet to the fire.

Claire McCaskill, one of Obamacare's most outspoken advocates, is suddenly silent.

— MO Republican Party (@missourigop) June 29, 2012

So it was a big fu**ing tax on the middle class and the poor – Campaign on that .@clairecmc

— Mary Sue (@RubySlipperblog) June 29, 2012

Without the vote of Sen. McCaskill @clairecmc Obamacare could not have been passed #tot

— David Moser (@stamphick) June 29, 2012 @clairecmc Surely you have some comment! You do for everything else! #oneanddone #mosen #mogop #cookietime

— Karen Fesler (@Gabesmom) June 29, 2012

Call Obama, he'll get the message to her. MT @MonteSchisler: I am having a hard time getting an interview with @clairecmc will help #MoSen

— Patrick Tuohey (@PatrickTuohey) June 29, 2012

If @clairecmc supports #ObamaCare so much, why doesn't she talk about it anymore? #MOSen #mogop #SteelmanCamp

— Andrea Chapman (@STL_Blonde) June 29, 2012

.@Timodc @ClaireCMC She's scoping out hotel rooms in Charlotte for the DNC. Oh, wait…

— Joel Sawyer (@joeldavidsawyer) June 29, 2012

He won't see her at DNC. RT @ZekeJMiller: RT @aterkel: Joe Biden hitting the trail for Claire McCaskill. In KC for fundraising event on 7/9.

— You Said Russia! (@lheal) June 29, 2012

@LTrover @clairecmc cornhusker kickbacks r now kickback for raising taxes. I would run and hide too. But I wouldn't be a sellout either.

— Carts54 (@carts54) June 29, 2012

But, wait! The senator suddenly appears to toot her own horn!

Finally.Passed highway bill.Bi partisan,paid for,longest extension of funding since Party still says no.

— Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) June 29, 2012

Twitter users are not impressed.

@clairecmc Did the Senate pass a budget yet?

— Jay Freedom (@JayBelize23) June 29, 2012

@DanStlMo @JeffPSTL @clairecmc Oh Claire won't have to 'suffer' under the rationing of Obamacare. Congress has a 'Cadillac' insurance policy

— gina (@ggr1868) June 29, 2012

STOP SPENDING MONEY! @clairecmc Finally.Passed highway bill.Bi partisan,paid for,longest extension of funding 2005. #GOP

— Tim McCormack (@MrTimMcCormack) June 29, 2012

@clairecmc Enjoy ur fun while it last, Claire. Your'e done screwing us over in November. We haven't forgotten ANY of your votes.

— AmeriKim (@kjwebb50) June 29, 2012

And, win.

@clairecmc your spokesperson is looking for you.

— Tim Miller (@Timodc) June 29, 2012

Sorry, Ms. McCaskill, bless your heart. There is no crying in baseball and there is no hiding on Twitter.

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