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She Never Knew Something So Seemingly Hopeless Could Turn Into Such Beauty


In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is known for creating new life out of the ashes from its previous death. So when one woman raised a nearly dead fish back to perfect health, she new exactly what to name him. The amazing story of Phoenix the Siamese fighting fish (a.k.a. a betta fish) will inspire you to see the potential rebirth in even the most down-and-out creatures. It was a lot of work on Katie’s part, but when you see the beauty Phoenix becomes, you’ll realize it was well worth it.

While at her local pet store looking for dog food, Katie L. noticed one of the betta fish floating sadly at the top of its cup and took it to the store’s counter.

But as she walking, she felt something slam against her hand from inside the cup. It seems the fish was not dead yet.

Katie took the fish home and gave it some medicine. After a few days, it started showing signs of life, but not much. Katie dutifully named it ‘SadFish.’

It wasn’t until after four days that SadFish was healthy enough to eat anything. After a week, his fins started growing back and he became far less sad.

By Day 15, SadFish was nearly unrecognizable as the pathetic creature Katie first glanced at in the pet store. His new fiery red complexion called for a new name.

This is when Katie started calling SadFish ‘Phoenix.’

From then on, Phoenix began embracing his new mythological identity as his finnage grew…

…And grew! This is him in his final form.

(via The Dodo)

From the first time SadFish slammed against Katie’s hand, she knew that this creature was worth saving. As she told The Dodo, “Animals are individuals, and each has their own personalities. They all deserve a chance.”

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