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She Saw A Mouse Struggling To Survive So She Filmed What Happened Next


A woman in Toronto recently discovered something while she was walking her dog. While at a local beach, her dog started pulling her toward something…it wasn’t a sea creature or a bird, though. The pup was after a far smaller critter. A mouse had fallen into the frigid waters and was desperately trying to reach solid land.

The woman and her dog left, but a bystander stayed to watch the mouse. Once the little guy finally reached the shore, she scooped him up, recognizing that he needed a helping hand to get warm.

Martine Gingerich, the woman who helped the mouse, has an important message we can all stand to hear.

(via Bored Panda)

Hopefully, that little mouse is safe and cozy! It’s awesome that Gingerich stuck around to make sure he didn’t freeze to death.

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