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Showdown: Time Warner pulls CBS from major markets (again)


In the opening shot in what CBS CEO Les Moonves has declared a “war” with Time Warner Cable over licensing fees, CBS disappeared from the channel lineup in several major markets at midnight on Monday. That blackout lasted only a half-hour, but this afternoon, Time Warner once again pulled CBS from its lineup in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.!/dbecktweets/status/363413048502910976

The best either CBS or Time Warner can hope for, it seems, is to come out of the dispute looking less bad than the other.!/RandiSaysHello/status/363416112735592449!/vin_nolan/status/363424864499408896!/dsrbroadway/status/363427690566520832!/SaraDeee/status/363424036208275456!/HotDogShowers/status/363414889907240961!/ejmaroun/status/363418313637904384

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