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Shusher in chief: Obama gets testy at fiscal cliff presser


Remember back in 2008 when Obama’s most lauded qualification for the presidency was his “first-class temperament”? Well, as the light-worker never hesitates to remind everyone, he won. Twice. And now there’s no need to keep up that whole temperament charade.

The prickly schoolmarm interrupted his oh-so-laser-like focus on the fiscal cliff to shush people during his Friday evening statement.

TESTY – “Guys, I can hear you over here.” #fiscalcliff #obama

— Ashley Codianni (@AshleyCodianni) December 28, 2012

How can you tell the president is cranky?”Guys, I can hear you over here,” zinging the staff on national television…yowsa!

— Robert hawks (@occasionalities) December 28, 2012

Obama: “Guys I can hear you over there.” What a jackass.

— Uncredentialed (@uncredentialed) December 28, 2012

Obama likes to call people out in the middle of important speeches way too often… “Guys I can hear you back there.”

— Katie Bundrick (@Katie_Bundrick) December 28, 2012

Uh oh. Someone’s about to spend afternoons in detention!

Obama as teacher: ‘Guys I can hear you over there’ #detention

— Steve Goldstein (@MKTWgoldstein) December 28, 2012

“Guys, I can hear you over there,” says Obama during briefing, sounding very much like a pissed-off college prof.

— Casey Seiler (@CaseySeiler) December 28, 2012

why did Obama just act like a teacher “guys? I can hear you over there”.seriously!!??? wow. just get a deal done

— WC⚾#⃣9⃣ (@mtarak9) December 28, 2012

“Guys, I can hear you.” Obama having to treat people like unruly students #fiscalcliff

— Dany Ell (@ChuloMarley) December 28, 2012

So, who was the target of the presidential “STFU,” complete with signature death stare?

Obama, mid press statement: “Guys, I can hear you over here.” Who was he talking to?

— BetsyD (@betsdavenport) December 29, 2012

Are the lapdogs on their way to the doghouse?

Ha!I think a reporter just ticked off the president by talking too loudly off to the side. Obama: “Guys, I can hear you over here …”

— Will Frampton (@willframpton) December 28, 2012

“Guys, I can hear you over here.” Who did Obama scold? It was in the direction of where the CNN crew was standing.

— Samantha Adams (@MsSamAdams) December 28, 2012

White House reporters insist it was those other guys — the ones working the cameras.

@caliprunian A cameraman on headset to his control room irked the president.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) December 28, 2012

@ezraklein just watched again, it was definitely camera operators/maybe photogs POTUS was shushing.

— Tommy Christopher (@tommyxtopher) December 29, 2012

[email protected]moorehn @krismul @annielowrey POTUS shushed a camera operator.

— Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) December 29, 2012

POTUS chastises camera crews for talking during his remarks “guys I can hear you over hear” #decibelresponsibility

— Jared Rizzi (@JaredRizzi) December 28, 2012

But per the White House, it never happened at all.

It appears the White House left the nugget of “Guys, I can hear you over here.” out of POTUS’ transcript.

— Adam Henry (@viewofadam) December 28, 2012

So the @barackobama shushing of an unnamed TV cameraperson was left out of @whitehouse transcript but not the video

— David Clinch (@DavidClinchNews) December 29, 2012

Darn YouTube videos!

Skip to 2:10 RT @ethanklapper: Watch: Obama shushes someone during his statement… “Guys I can hear you over here”

— Adam Henry (@viewofadam) December 28, 2012

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