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‘So embarrassing’: OFA really ups the hip and edgy with … James Taylor?


With Obama neck-deep in scandal, OFA needs to distract like the wind. Apparently they think this is the ticket:!/BarackObama/status/472059260721852416

James Taylor. Doesn’t get much hipper or cooler than that.!/iowahawkblog/status/472044551859748864!/baseballcrank/status/472035853376573440

We’d rather have the knives. At least those would be useful.!/karlklockars/status/472050019885805570!/DrewMTips/status/472037680818425856

What? That’s crazy talk!!/FranklinH3000/status/472035501021466624

Sorry, OFA, but we’re slightly more interested in what’s happening under Dear Leader’s watch:!/PLasseigne/status/472044302147678208!/LadyOnTheRight1/status/472038705243639808!/redsteeze/status/472044111336574976

Guess all those scandal victims will just have to wait.!/iowahawkblog/status/472033802403860481



‘You’ve Got a Friend’? Not on Twitter, old ‘white guy’ James Taylor

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