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Socializing With People Is Hard. Here Is The Cringeworthy Proof.


You know socializing is hard when simply trying to initiate it opens up a can of “WHAT DO I DO?!” worms. Should you go for the more formal handshake? The more enthusiastic high-five? The sanitary fist bump? What about the full-on hug? Definitely not that–unless you’re 100% sure that that’s what the other person was thinking too.

When to do the others is much more ambiguous though, so good luck. At least things can’t get any worse than they did for these people, right?

At least he didn’t go in for the hug.

Like that.

Almost got it.

I wonder how much money he had to pay for that honor?

Stars: they’re just like us.

I don’t even know what this is.

Shouldn’t these world-class athletes have world-class coordination?

They’re setting a bad example for the fans.


That got weird fast.

Every attempt is more and more awkward.

Nice try.

Who needs another hand?

It was a real bonding moment.


Good save.

Is this in slow motion or does it just feel that awkward?

Seacrest out.



(via BuzzFeed)

And that’s how you do awkward. Unfortunately, saying goodbye is nearly as difficult. Should we go for the hug? No? I didn’t think so. Fist bump?

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