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SpaghettiOs slammed for ‘inappropriate’ Pearl Harbor tweet [pic, Photoshops]


[Editor’s note: Following the backlash (and despite the backlash against the backlash) SpaghettiOs has apologized and deleted the tweet.]

Thousands of Americans sacrificed their lives when Pearl Harbor was attacked 72 years ago. SpaghettiOs remembers:

Unsurprisingly, the grinning pasta mascot’s tribute didn’t go over too well. Are we about to see an opening for a new social media editor at the Campbell Soup brand?

Some went a little easier on SpaghettiOs:

Others saw a Photoshop-ready social media snafu:!/apelad/status/409218859556536320

As of 9:30 a.m. ET, SpaghettiOs has not deleted the tweet or addressed critics via Twitter.


We love this idea:

Forget SpaghettiOs: Here’s a much better use of social media on #PearlHarbor72

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