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Spite House low: Out: Missing children; In: FLOTUS’ ‘Drink Up’ campaign


Just when you think the Spite House can’t sink any lower!/BrianFaughnan/status/387026602057793537

Hey, priorities!

That’s right. As Twitchy reported, the Amber Alert website has gone dark. Because, shutdown theater.!/DavidNelsonNews/status/387159346859094016

But, as this Twitter user explains, the website itself serves a key function.!/Matthops82/status/387058535021821954!/Matthops82/status/387059027827372032!/Matthops82/status/387059355486392321!/Matthops82/status/387068132772151296

For The Children ™? Ha! Everyone is just a means to an end for the Obama administration, including missing children.!/trucknyou/status/387042667613675520

Citizens have had it.!/caseykim12/status/387064135369752576!/Will_Seads/status/387047387367092226!/TeamRepubGirl/status/387043349464485889!/andrew_liburdi/status/387160715364409344

You can’t shame the shameless.

But you can fight back.!/ThePantau/status/387011373781508096


And vote the vindictive Democrats out. We can see 2014 from The Spite House.


Well, looky here! The Amber Alert website is back up:

‘Just bloggers’ right again: Amber Alert back up; Shameful Spite House claims ‘confusion’

Spite House Shutdown Scam: Amber Alert site only redirected to appear down?


Really? Amber Alert website goes dark under government shutdown

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