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Staggering pic of verdict sheet of charges to be considered against Gosnell


Verdict watch in the case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell continues: No verdict again today.

#Gosnell jury dismissed for the day with no verdict. Resume deliberations Friday morning.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

Philly-area columnist J.D. Mullane tweeted out the staggering photo of the verdict sheet yesterday as a reason for why the jury is taking so long to arrive at a verdict.


Wow [email protected]: Why is jury in #Gosnell taking so long? pic of verdictsheet containing counts to be considered.…

— Manhattan Dec (@ManhattanDec) May 9, 2013

@jdmullane holy cow can one person actually be charged with that many counts!?

— TwoNickles (@Xtrme4) May 9, 2013

@xtrme4 It is two people – Eileen O’Neill is Gosnell’s co-def. Still, her charges are only a page and a half. The rest is #Gosnell.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

@jdmullane @disciple96 A lot of fine distinctions (1st/2nd degr, murder/manslaughter) – per charge. & pr’ly some sheer bargaining.

— david_m_wagner (@david_m_wagner) May 9, 2013

@gregzeboray not even in my nightmares imagined an office like this … monstrous & barbaric

— Kitty Alva(@HeyKitty) May 9, 2013

@jdmullane @kathrynlopez Hung jury/mistrial.

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) May 9, 2013

The jury was read back monstrous testimony today, before which Gosnell was once again smiling. He was later laughing.

Kermit #Gosnell in courtroom to hear read-back of Adrinne Moton testimony. Expected to take several hours. Gosnell relaxed, smiling.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

#Gosnell jurors finish re-hearing Adrienne Moton testimony – deliberations will now resume#VerdictWatch

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) May 9, 2013

#Gosnell jury requests read-back of clinic worker Adrienne Moton testimony. Moton admitted snipping necks of 10 babies at abortion clinic.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

Adrienne Moton, whose testimony was read back to the #Gosnell jury, is 35 and plead guilty to 3rd degree murder of “Baby D” by neck “snip.”

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

Moton testified on March 19. In exchange for her testimony, she made a plea deal with prosecutors.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

Moton said she met Kermit #Gosnell through his niece in the 1990s. Gosnell performed 2 abortions on her, in ’95 and ’99.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

When her medical insurance did not pay for one of the abortions, #Gosnell accepted an in-kind gift from Moton’s fiancée: a wood fence.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

A wood fence.

Moton at first volunteered at the Phila abortion clinic, then was paid $8 to $10 an hour to clean and sterilize medical instruments.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

#Gosnell taught Moton how to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions. She said her training lasted “minutes.”

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

Moton said she also began administering anesthesia and labor inducing meds to abortion patients, though she had no medical cert to do so.

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013

Women undergoing abortions chose amount of sedation & most chose heavy. “They didn’t want to be awake. They didn’t want to hear anything.”

— jdmullane (@jdmullane) May 9, 2013


We continue to pray that justice will be served.

Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), who is running for governor and is a former abortion clinic director, continues to remain silent.


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