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Sweet schadenfreude! With Phil back on ‘Duck Dynasty,’ will GLAAD have meltdown?


The news that A&E wised up and brought Phil Robertson back to “Duck Dynasty” isn’t likely to make the tolerance bullies at GLAAD feel happy, happy, happy … and that’s just fine by us!!/DLoesch/status/416697839658364928

If you're @GLAAD & you know it stomp your feet *stomp stomp*
If you're @GLAAD & you know it stomp your feet *stomp stomp*

#WelcomeBackPhil— MushKraken (@MushKat) December 27, 2013!/talkradio200/status/416697003888742400!/riley909/status/416700913823141888!/BarrieNJ/status/416701571993313281!/shoshido/status/416702285905817600!/GreatHairGuy/status/416701578750337024!/DLoesch/status/416698888783790080

Awww … there’s always next year, kiddos. Snort.

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