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Swimming sensation Missy Franklin tweets her final thoughts from the Olympics


Swimming sensation Missy Franklin thanked her fans and supporters as she departed from the 2012 Olympics.

Your support and good luck wishes have meant the world to me! Thank you for making these 8 days so incredible for me!

— Missy Franklin (@FranklinMissy) August 5, 2012

Never set a limit on your dreams. You may not know when or where they will come true, but you must always believe that they will.

— Missy Franklin (@FranklinMissy) August 5, 2012

Many wished her well and congratulated her on the success.

@FranklinMissy congrats!!

— Dr. Carrie Schwartz (@Dr_Carrie) August 5, 2012

@FranklinMissy you made us all proud! Cannot wait to follow you throughout your career. 🙂

— Angela Tant (@amtant1972) August 5, 2012

@FranklinMissy represent #teamcanada in 2016 k. Or share some medals with us. LOL

— um (@mimi_1997) August 5, 2012

@FranklinMissy What you did is amazing…cannot wait to see where the road leads you!

— Amanda (@silverado2448) August 5, 2012

@FranklinMissy it was pure joy watching you compete!! keep having fun 🙂

— kingeroo (@kingeroo) August 5, 2012

@FranklinMissy congrats on everything Missy! Me and mom are big fans of you and cheered you on for every race!(:

— Elizabeth Lamp (@laampeee) August 5, 2012

Apparently, one fan took issue with Franklin’s comments.

@skittyizchillen I'm so sorry! I never meant for it to come off like that. I apologize

— Missy Franklin (@FranklinMissy) August 5, 2012

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