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‘Another red line’? NSC spox says US ‘will not accept’ NK as nuclear state (with bonus Bill Clinton flashback)

An earthquake detected near a known North Korean test site has led to speculation that the rogue nation exploded a nuke underground. The Obama administration’s strongly-worded letter and hashtag development teams are all over it: Obama might view this as another legacy-building opportunity. Maybe another nuclear “deal” can be worked out! It all sounds so […]


‘Evergreen tweet’! Instapundit has ‘correct response’ to Lindsey Graham’s SCOTUS cave

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has said that he would vote for any “qualified” SCOTUS nominee put forth by President Obama or, if she were to be elected, Hillary Clinton: Instapundit Glenn Reynolds echoes how many conservatives feel: ‘Nuff said. Sure is! Read more: