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Flip Flops Saved This Woman’s Life. No, Really.

Metro Jennifer Lyons’ narrowly avoided getting electrocuted when the satellite dish on top of her home was struck by lightning. The 30,000-volt strike forced plugs out of the walls and sent debris flying everywhere. Lyons herself was knocked back by the bolt. She still managed to escape electrocution by the skin of her teeth. Well, […]


These 15 Inappropriate Posts Were Listed On Facebook Marketplace Before It Failed

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); I’m sure we’re all familiar with how sketchy Craigslist’s “for sale” section can be. This is exactly why many were looking forward to the launch of Facebook Marketplace, where people could buy and sell items in a seemingly safer way. But as with many websites like Etsy, for example, this new […]


The Warning Signs Alone Would Keep Me Out. But This Guy Goes Straight In… And The Result Is Incredible.

Photographer Matt Emmett makes it his goal to rediscover forgotten worlds all around us. His online portfolio, Forgotten Heritage Photography, focuses on showing these creepy and abandoned places to others. ‘No entry’; ‘access strictly prohibited’; ‘trespassers will be prosecuted’; common sights on perimeter fences around many of this country’s forgotten buildings or abandoned industrial sites. […]