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‘Quite the scoop there!’ NBC News reporter breaks story that Marco Rubio obeys a law

Ready for a piece of breaking news about GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio? Stop the presses! On the upside, at least the media’s not fixated on Rubio’s “luxury speedboat” anymore. The media’s played this Obamacare game with Ted Cruz before as well. Read more:


Nate Silver: Saturday bad for Rubio, terrible for Trump

Statistician Nate Silver, founder of FiveThirtyEight, is calling Saturday a terrible night for Donald Trump, even though early returns suggest he’s pulling second in the handful of states voting, leaving Marco Rubio floundering. Like most pundits, that’s what Nate Silverdoes, except heusually gets it right. There’s still Florida, and both Rubio and Trump were there […]