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13 Myths You Believed That Are Totally Busted

Brains, animals, and whizzing on an electric fence. We asked the MythBusters for some help with your favorite myths. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been co-hosts of MythBusters for 13 seasons. View this image › David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed They’ve filmed more than 200 episodes and tested 960 myths (with about just as […]


This Is What A Cheeseburger Looks Like In Space

I’ll stick to the regular earth kind, thanks. 1. Astronaut Terry Virts has tweeted out a picture of a space-cheeseburger. #SpaceCheeseburger. Beef patties, Russian mustard, tomato paste, cheese paste, and tortilla. VERY TASTY! — AstroTerry (@Terry W. Virts) 2. Just. Look. At. It. View this image › Twitter: @AstroTerry 3. It makes sense that the […]


This Is What An Upside-Down Iceberg Looks Like

Belly up! Here’s what the icy behemoths look like when they’ve had a few too many. 1. On a recent excursion to Antarctica, San Francisco-based filmmaker and designer Alex Cornell, 30, caught a rare glimpse of an iceberg’s underside. View this image › Alex Cornell / Via Most icebergs’ hefty bodies are submerged under […]