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Oops! That awkward moment when the BBC made Calif. its own country [pic]

Weird map. "@BBCBreaking: Earthquake rocks buildings, shatters glass, Twitter users report” — Tamerlane's Thoughts (@TamerlaneBlog) August 24, 2014 Weird map indeed. The BBC took to Twitter to report on the earthquake that hit Napa Valley, Calif. And this happened: Earthquake near San Francisco/Sacramento rocks buildings, shatters glass, Twitter users report — […]


Dude: Salon calls #CancelColbert activist Suey Park ‘Chop Suey Park’

interesting choice of handle #cancelSalon MT @Salon: @Chop_Suey_Park explains #CancelColbert — Alex Morrell (@awmorrell) April 3, 2014 Um, what? That didn’t really happen, did it? Oh yes. It did. "@Salon: "I wanted to [expose the left's} inability to deal with their own racism": @Chop_Suey_Park explains:" UHHHHH — Ol'♤KillJoy♤GDB (@GoddamnedBear) April 3, 2014’s verified Twitter […]