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Tantaros thinks O’Reilly’s remarks to State Dept. spox WERE sexist; Here’s why


Seriously. Where was the State Department’s laser-life focus last week?!/tnacgal/status/507571593216679936

ISIS? No strategy. But Bill O’Reilly? As Twitchy reported, Jen Psaki and Marie Harf are on it. Citizens rightly gave Harf the business when she took to Twitter with that top priority. This Twitter user summed it up best:!/hboulware/status/507547835953197057

Sad truth.

But Andrea Tantaros points out a little something.!/AndreaTantaros/status/507969790435405824

Heh. Psaki and Harf won’t like that either. Will that be their next focus? Stay tuned.


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