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Tea Party group calls ABC on false reporting, citizens urge #FireBrianRoss


The well-deserved backlash continues for ABC and the beyond irresponsible, narrative and false agenda pusher Brian Ross. This morning, he repulsively falsely accused an innocent man of being the Aurora killer. Why? Oh, he was a member of the Tea Party. The horror!

I just can't believe the ugly bigotry that led Brian Ross from "Tea Party member" to "maybe this guy massacred people."

— Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) July 20, 2012

What hate must be in a man’s heart to jump to such a conclusion? Actions have consequences, Mr. Ross. The innocent Tea Party member, James Holmes, is dealing with the consequences of your disgusting actions. Now, so must you.

Citizens around the Twittersphere demand answers and action.

Great idea: #FireBrianRoss. Thanks, @expattexan.

— This Will Kill You (@stephenkruiser) July 20, 2012

RT if you're sick of the biased reporting from the liberal news media #FireBrianRoss . #BoycottABC

— Bossy Brat (@JGalt9) July 20, 2012

Hate to break it to you guys, but given @BrianRoss's internet acumen, he's not seeing any of these tweets. Oh well #FireBrianRoss

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) July 20, 2012

I dont care if he apologized. #fireBrianRoss RT @marklevinshow: Brian Ross and ABC News have no decency….

— CatsPolitics (@CatsPolitics) July 20, 2012

Sickening 2 see @BrianRoss facial expression when he suggests a Tea Partier is #theatershooting suspect. #FireBrianRoss

— Joseph Tex Dozier (@JosephTexDozier) July 20, 2012

He needs to be Dan Rather'd! #FireBrianRoss "@erickbrockway: And Brian Ross is trending. Not in a good way, either @BrianRoss #tcot"

— Jared Roberts (@ShortGo) July 20, 2012

#BOYCOTT @ABC advertisers until @BrianRoss is terminated. #FireBrianRoss #abcadboycott #tcot @TwitchyTeam

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) July 20, 2012

ABC shouldn't #fireBrianRoss because he was wrong, they should #fireBrianRoss because he went out of his way to push a false narrative.

— L (@OrwellForks) July 20, 2012

Exactly. Tea Party Patriots are also calling on ABC to stop their false reporting.

This may be an exercise in futility. As we know, the lapdog media has no journalistic integrity. They are lapdogs for the Left only, as they have proven time and time again. Only now, people are onto their disgusting “blame Righty” Pavlovian response.

No more.

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