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Texas gun shop takes a swipe at Obamacare with provocative new sign [pics]


Tactical Firearms in Katy, Texas, shoots from the hip. Check out the latest sign they’ve posted at the gun shop and range:!/tacticalfirearm/status/466604430457315328

Earlier this week, Tactical Firearms captured attention with this provocative marquee:!/socialistmop/status/466001219614285826

Subtle? Not remotely. But that’s just fine with these tweeters:!/josiahdartagnan/status/466319776881864704!/DannMarquardt/status/465935702237401088!/Jenngrrrl/status/466294035879952385

Tactical Firearms in Katy, Tx.
I'm dying this is so funny! 😂😂
@theCHIVE #proguns #texas— Trista (@tristaboooo) May 11, 2014!/CaptTubular/status/466218355083735040!/DMKeesey/status/466244778947260416

RT: @tristaboooo: Tactical Firearms in Katy, Tx.
I'm dying this is so funny! 😂😂
@theCHIVE #proguns #texas #fb— Ryan Willis (@RyanWillis) May 13, 2014!/JoeCarroll___/status/465944451009875969!/DeskTopHero1/status/465942999562993664!/A_GastonTX2/status/466336856914014208

For the record, Tactical Firearms is apparently into crowdsourcing:!/tacticalfirearm/status/465945298800746496

Have at it, guys!

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