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‘That is rich’: @HealthCareTara calls for fact check of GOP O-care report


The House Energy and Commerce Committee has put out a report on the number of Obamacare enrollees who have paid their first month’s premiums:!/HouseCommerce/status/461629090005798912

67 percent? Oh my.!/MonicaCrowley/status/461632188954738688!/eriContrarian/status/461631734379847680

White House Obamacare flack Tara McGuinness attempted to debunk the GOP claim and even called for a “fact check” of the report:!/HealthCareTara/status/461633851203543040!/HealthCareTara/status/461636278334013440

An outside fact checker? You’d think if there’s a person who could find and provide the actual data, it would be @HealthCareTara:!/RBPundit/status/461638933626249216!/exjon/status/461640245071474690

"67% of paid enrollments is a lie!" –

"How do you know?"

@HealthCareTara— S.M (@redsteeze) April 30, 2014!/redsteeze/status/461640171478614017

"67% Enrollments is a lie"

"Ok where are your numbers that prove it's a lie?"

"They're lying!"

@HealthCareTara @jesseclee44— S.M (@redsteeze) April 30, 2014!/RobProvince/status/461640869058080769!/NathanWurtzel/status/461639196667809792!/allahpundit/status/461634247472578562

We can’t wait to hear the spin at tomorrow’s White House presser:!/Matthops82/status/461633140138975233




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