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The Definitive Ranking Of “Broom Broom” Vine Remixes


On July 21, the internet as we know it changed forever when Tish Simmonds, queen of Vine, uploaded this video of herself sitting in her mum’s car.

From that day forward #BroomBroom became an instant revolution.

Below are the glorious remixes that followed.

11. “The Opening Credits”

10. The “Get Out (Me Car)”

9. “Va Va Broom Broom”

8. “Retro Broom”

7. “Harry Potter and Me Mum’s Car”

6. “Broom Eyed Peas”

5. The “Ummm….”

4. “Abroom Lavigne”

3. “Broom Clap”

2. “Best Car Ever”

1. “Luda-me-car”

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