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The Foam Shirt He’s Wearing Now Looks Insane, But Watch What It Turns Into


For leather hobbyists, patience is a prerequisite. To create something of true value and durability, you can’t rush it.

So it’s no wonder that when one Redditor wanted to create a suit of armor known as a cuirass, it took a year from start to finish. Using Photoshop and a series of leather crafting skills he gained along the way, he spent that time creating something totally unique.

First he built this form out of a shirt, some stuffing, and a whole lot of duct tape to further prove that duct tape is the most versatile material on the planet.

Then it came time to start putting together the actual armor.

To do this, he used ultra-thin foam that’s usually used when laying down hardwood flooring.

Next up were the straps and buckles.

At that point, he tried it on to make sure it’d fit properly before proceeding.

He opted for paper to make these shoulder pieces.

After nailing down the shoulders with paper, he cut them from foam and placed them far enough away to extend past his actual shoulders.

The buckles really started pulling his design together.

Then he mapped out where the more detailed elements of the piece would go.

He actually used a picture of Batman to come up with this design!

At that point, he began the actual leather work.

He left no stone unturned when it came to coming up with incredible embossed details.

It doesn’t get cooler than that, folks!

Once everything was finished, he tried it on and became a more badass version of himself.

The shoulder pieces really tie this together, don’t they?

He later switched them out for this design, which he felt was far sturdier than the original.

Are you ready to follow in his footsteps and defend the kingdom?

In all, this took about 40 hours of work over the course of a year. For more details, check this out!

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