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The ‘Ideal’ Number Of Sexual Partners Is Lower Than You’d Think, According To Study


How many people have you slept with?

While you probably consider this to be a personal question, let’s admit that it’s something most men and women have on their minds when getting into a new relationship. It’s pretty much inevitable that this looming question will come up at least once in conversation.

For some men and women, if the number is too high, it can be a total mood killer, whereas if the number is too low, they may be left wondering whether their partner has any idea what they’re doing. So what number do ladies and gents hope for when they ask their partners that question? One study just found out.

In a study involving a group of 188 men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 led by Nottingham, Swansea, and Bristol Universities, it was revealed that the magic number for the ideal total of sexual partners for both men and women is three.

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While most people prefer partners who have only been with three before them, that number drops to two for couples that have been seeing each other for many years.

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