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The Knocks Did A Live Action Version Of The Sims For A Music Video


1. Earlier this summer, New York-based production duo The Knocks and Powers released “Classic,” a weirdly timeless dance ~jam~ that sounds like getting kissed at sunset. Its new video is debuting on BuzzFeed today:

2. The video, directed by Brooklyn collective BANGS, pays homage to The Sims.

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“With so many classic ‘pool scene, crazy party’ montage videos out in the world, we thought BANGS’ idea was a perfect concept that flipped the idea of a ‘summer pop video’ on its head,” producer B-Roc of The Knocks explained to BuzzFeed News.

3. “In our minds, ‘Classic’ is a song that takes a retro energy and gives it a new life so this video does the same thing for us visually,” B-Roc said.

Tatiana Turin / Big Beat Records

4. He continued: “Growing up with games like The Sims in the early 2000s, along with a handful of cheesy late ’90s pop videos, we always wanted those characters and actors to be a little more life-like.”

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“We think this is a great commentary on that familiar plasticity.”

5. Snaps for this video’s actors, who really nailed the half-real, half-plastic Sims faces:

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6. To promote “Classic,” The Knocks released an app called #CLASSICAM, which allows people to get in on the song’s mix of old with new, laying vintage fonts over their photos. Pretty fun:

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7. *Classic*

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