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The Only Thing More Unbelievable Than These Photos Is How They Were Taken. Wow.


Photographer Chris McLennan got closer to a pride of lions than any other photographer possibly could (although he did cheat a bit). He thought of a great way to get up-close and person to the animals: he attached his camera to a remote controlled car. The resulting photographs were incredible examples of how beautiful and majestic lions truly are. … and how they kind of resemble really, really big house cats.

Chris used a remote controlled car with an attached camera to get close to the lions.

Who knew that curious lions looked exactly like curious house cats?

*sniff sniff*

Hey, this doesn’t taste like gazelle!

It’s like a few (deadly) kittens chasing after a string.


Now it’s time for the big boy to play!

It’s easy to forget these adorable lionesses are killing machines.

Looks like dinner, girls.

Want. To. Snuggle.

To see the full-length video of the Lions VS Car experiment, visit Chris’s YouTube Channel.


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