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The Weather Gets These Kids Down, But Their School Janitor Makes Everything Better


While he was out shoveling snow one day, this janitor at a secondary school in Russia decided to do something fun for the kids who have to walk in the bitter cold every day to get to class. Always artistically inclined, Semen Bukharin loves painting on canvas, but something about making pictures in the snow is particularly enjoyable to him — especially when it makes life a little more whimsical for the students he sees every morning.

Bukharin uses a broom to create larger-than-life designs in the snow. He doesn’t normally know where inspiration will take him until he starts working, but he sometimes takes requests from the kids to make their days a little more bearable as they deal with the frigid temperatures. You can check out some of his best pieces in the photos below.

(via BoredPanda)

I think it’s safe to say that the kids who see Bukharin every day had no idea that he was so talented until he started drawing for them in the snow. It really makes you think about what talents the people around us are hiding.

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