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These 13 Superhero Dads Were Caught On Camera Making Epic Saves. The Last One Is Insane.


Great parents will go to any length to protect their children. Whether it’s answering the door with a shotgun before their first date or catching a baby free-falling from a window, parents can truly be amazing. Of course, they can be pretty awful too as these 18 so kindly proved. Fortunately, this post is dedicated to the Dads out there with reflexes that would put a cat to shame. When it came to their children’s safety, they transformed from normal dad to superdad. Just check them out below (note: could take some time to load on slower connections).

1. Wait for it…

2. Baby faceplant? Not when this dad’s around.

3. Without dropping his other kid? Impressive.

4. No radio controlled headshots this time.

5. Nice save even though he caused it.

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