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These 4 Words From A Little Girl Stopped An Olive Garden Manager In His Tracks. So He Did This.


When one man went to dinner at an Olive Garden in Vernon Hills, Ill with his wife, three-year-old daughter and his brother, they got the most heart-warming surprise. Previously, the family had suffered a terrible loss – their house and all of their possessions burned to the ground. When the manager came around to their table after dinner to ask how everything was, the little girl said, “Grandpa’s house burned down”. So what the manager did next was awesome. He brought over the check and this is what it looked like:

The Receipt. Total owed: $0.00.

When this receipt originally went viral online, a lot of people accused Olive Garden of faking it for publicity. So the family released these photos. This is the bedroom in the burned down house.

“My parents lost thousands of books in the fire.”

The side of the house after the fire The entire family, including one immobile due to Lou Gherig’s disease, were trapped on the back deck when rescued.

It took months to fix the place up again, but is nearing the end now. “There is still a lot of moving in to do, but my parents are very happy to be back in their home.”

“How things looked this morning (11/28/13) before everything was set for dinner.”

The garage rebuilt after the previous one had melted.

This is the side of the house where the fire began and did the most damage.

“The balcony where my parents, brother, and caretaker were rescued by the fire fighters.”

“This is my parent’s dog, the only one of the three dogs that made it out from the fire alive.”

“Here’s my mom (Nene) back in the house, that’s my brother working on setting up her Tobi Eye-Gaze computer.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This really is the kind of story that restores your faith in humanity. And Olive Garden. Mmm, cheese ravioli. Source / Local news story on the fire

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