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These 9 Animals Might Be Living Inside Of You. Hope You Weren’t Trying To Sleep Tonight.


They say that you swallow spiders in your sleep, but that theory has been debunked. Here are 9 REAL living organisms that could be in your body right now.  To be honest, I would prefer the spiders.

Tapeworm – This vile scum lives in your digestive tract and there are no signs or symptoms. The only way to know for sure if you have a Tapeworm is to inspect your stool and look for parts of the parasite.

Scabies – These abominations cause an intense skin infection causing rashes and itching.

Roaches – You may want to sleep with earplugs if you have an roach infestation because they are the most common bug to go wandering into your ear.

Loa Loa – This nightmarish ghoul can enter the human through any entry point, but where they end up is particularly horrifying. They are known to travel through your body and finally settle in your eyes. NOPE.

Earwigs – While it is a rarity, earwigs have been known from times to time to come hang out in your ear canal just to freak you out.

Candiru – You better hope you don’t encounter this pervert. This disgusting fish is attracted to ammonia, which humans release in urine, so the Candiru has been known to swim up flowing urine and infect the genitals.

Hookworm – These vampiric creatures live in your intestines and feast on your blood, which can cause an iron deficiency.

Moths – Common Moths have been known to go crawling through your ears every now and then and it is extremely hard to remove, doctors have to carefully remove them with tweezers.

Maggots – These repugnant creatures have been found all over humans, though majority of infections occur in the scalp. Avoid garbage cans, dead animals, and rotten food if you don’t want a coiffure resident.

June Bugs – These beetles have been found in several ear and mouths of people, causing hearing disturbances.

Human Botfly – Unfortunately, this gross atrocity can lay it’s eggs basically anywhere on/in you. Botflies have been found under human skin, in the mouth, and even in the eyes. *Shudders*

I’m sorry, I can tell you’re itching all over right now.  Try not to think about these revolting abominations next time you go to sleep, if you can even go to sleep now.  Share this to gross out all of your friends!

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