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These Are By Far The Best Family Portraits Ever. And There’s Not A Single Human In Them.


Farm animals get the high fashion photo treatment in Brooklyn based photographer Rob MacInnis’ series, “Farm Family.” The incredible photos are staged to mirror the likes of Annie Leibovitz and could easily fill the pages of Vogue, Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair. Except for the fact that they’re all cows, sheep and various other barnyard animals. The stylized photography is meant to make the viewer take a closer look not just at the beautiful animals themselves, but also at our society’s preoccupation with consumerism in both the food and media industries. The close-ups at the end will especially get to you. Just seeing each of these animals’ soulful eyes staring back at you will tug all of your heartstrings. And maybe make you re-examine your own consumerism.

H/T: Feature Shoot. I know I’ll never look at a petting zoo the same way again. Share with your friends below and spread MacInnis’ profound message.

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