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These Are Some Of The Most Powerful And Inspiring Human Moments In History.


Compassion is what makes us human. It’s what keeps us sane through the twists and turns of life, and the craziness of the world. The best of human compassion is that which is displayed in the face of extreme violence and adversity. 

Here are 25 of the most inspiring and powerful moments made possible by our compassion for one another. These photos prove that a better world is possible. 

1.) An American soldier holds a child after she was separated from her family during the Iraq War in 2003.

2.) A Russian police office carries a baby that was rescued from a school occupied by militants in the town of Beslan in 2004.

3.) A medic bandages a child’s foot while his brother watches.

4.) Protestors in Oakland, California, help a woman in a wheelchair get away from teargas.

5.) Black doctors treating an injured KKK member.

6.) During the 1992 riots in Los Angles, a young child poses with National Guard troops.

7.) Residents get together to clean up after the London riots in 2011.

8.) Protestors offer tea to riot police in London in 2011.

9.) Brazilian protestors bring an officer a cake for his birthday.

10.) A priest acts as a human shield between protestor and police during protests in Ukraine in 2013.

11.) A student protestor in Bogotá, Colombia tries to kiss a riot police officer.

12.) American soldiers push a car carrying two severely wounded German soldiers, 1945.

13.) A man plays the piano for riot police in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013.

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