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These Cats Can Fit Into Just About Anything. It’s Like They’re Mr. Fantastic!


Cat lovers know that you can find your cat in just about any space imaginable. Cat ownership can be exciting and fun for that very reason. Did you think that your cat could fit into a vase? No? Well, guess what… it can!

The places these cats crawled into make me question the basic laws of physics. Are cats actually liquids??

1.) Just to fluff your hands.

2.) Bury your head.

3.) Take only one.

4.) Look what the trash dragged in.

5.) Anyone want some cat burgers?

6.) 2 cats, one jar.

7.) How does a spine do that?!

8.) That actually is pretty close.

9.) I hope this is how the bought their cat/water from the store.

10.) Cat milk!

11.) That’s either a small cat or a large bowl.

12.) The light of my life.

13.) Guess how many kittens are in this jar!

14.) At least he can move around in there.

15.) He just wanted to put the blinds down.

16.) It’s a calico wine from the meow-meow region.

17.) His punishment for illegally downloading music.

18.) Looks like it fell asleep in there.

19.) Those eyes! THOSE EYES!

20.) Purrrrfect amount of space.

21.) Oh honey no, you’re not a hamster.

22.) A decorative centerpiece.

23.) The best part of waking up, is kittens in your cup!

24.) I thought you said you needed paper towels?

25.) How do you even get out of this?

26.) Special delivery!


The Ultimate Cat Fails Compilation by worldwideinterweb

I don’t know how anything can fit in those spaces, let alone a living breathing thing. Cats are incredible. They’re basically superheroes (possibly supervillains).

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