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These Photos Nearly Made My Brain Explode In My Head. One Look And You’ll See What I Mean.


Swedish photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson has one of the craziest photography portfolios we’ve ever seen.

Erik is completely self-taught in retouching his own photographs to make impossible and extraordinary images. He says his inspiration came from both growing up with a grandmother who painted and having a penchant for escaping into the other worlds of video games, so he naturally blended the two into a technique using computers to generate images that couldn’t be captured by a camera.

Check out some of his mind blowing creations below:

Cut & Fold – Cut along the dotted line.

Drifting Away – A safe place, drifting away.

Electric guitar.

Expecting winter – Where seasons meet.

Snow cover.

Big laundry day.

Work at sea.

Breaking up – Breaking up, drifting apart.

Groundbreaking – Let’s go on a field trip.

Lazy dog.

Set them free – Do the right thing, set them free!

Arms break, vases don’t.

Roadworker’s coffee break.

Penrose LEGO.

Fishy island.

Revolving theory.

Common sense crossing.

Face vs. Fist.

Go your own road.

Aqua Custodia.

A painting too real.

End of Line – The very last stop, the end of line.

Iron man.

If that didn’t blow your mind, nothing will.

Source: Erik Johansson Photography / Join Erik On Facebook

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