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This Cat Isn’t That Impressed With His Owner’s Cover Of A Classic ABBA Song


This kitty is the next Simon Cowell in the making.

When I say that my biggest dream growing up was to become the next great popstar, I’m not kidding. I would belt out songs in the shower and even dabbled with writing my own lyrics. Perhaps the reason I kept this dream alive so long was I didn’t have this feisty feline to slow me down.

Personal trainer and YouTuber Kitty8Tim took a vocal approach to passing the time between coaching clients…and her cat Sunny just wasn’t having it! At first, she tries to walk away from her human companion, but when that doesn’t work, Sunny’s approach gets much more physical.

This cat is…

Don’t let the cat get your tongue. Keep doing you, Kitty8Tim…and maybe invest in some animal earplugs!

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