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This Christmas Ad Is Going Viral — When You See It, You’ll Totally Understand Why


Haven’t cried at your desk yet this week? We can fix that. This holiday commercial out of Poland is going viral, and it’s making everyone weep in the process.

The ad, created by the Polish company Bardzo, hit YouTube on November 28. It’s already been viewed over five million times, and once you watch it for yourself, you’ll see why. In it, an elderly man dedicates his time to learning English, leaving you to wonder why exactly he’s doing it. Is he planning a trip to the States? Rekindling a long-lost flame? The answer is better than I could have ever imagined.

Like many people learning a new language, the man buys a book, covers his house with sticky notes, and even practices out loud on the bus. His commitment is obvious, and once the reason for it is revealed, you’d better have a tissue handy.

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Told ya! It hits you right in the feels. Make sure to share this with your loved ones, but don’t give away the surprise!

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