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This Dog Is 19 Years Old. And If You’ve Ever Had An Animal, This Will Hit You Directly In The Heart.


The last stages of life – whether human or animal – are a sad time, but they can be absolutely beautiful too. That’s why this post hit me so hard, directly in my heart.

Photographer Isa Leshko recently traveled around the country to photograph animals in their final stages of life.

“I began the series as a means of exploring my feelings about my mother’s decline due to Alzheimer’s Disease,” she says. “As I’ve worked on this project, though, I’ve come to realize that these images are a testament to survival and endurance. And they raise questions about what it means to be elderly.”

The photos say everything.

Emden Goose, Age 28.

Blue the Australian Kelpie, Age 19.

Handsome One the Thoroughbred Horse, Age 33.

Teresa the Yorkshire Pig, Age 13.

Marino the Bronze Turkey, Age 5.

Red the Chow Mix, Age 14+.

Two Finn Sheep, Both Age 12.

Rooster, Age Unknown.

Kelly the Irish Wolfhound, Age 13.

Pumpkin the Morgan Arabian Horse, Age 28.

via PDN

I think these animals are beautiful, even as they approach the end of this life. There is a peace about them that shows they are ready to move on.

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