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This Etsy Shop Sells Animal Bones With Crystals Growing On Them…AWESOME


There’s nothing like a dash of death to really make a piece of jewelry pop. That’s the thinking behind the work of Kristen Jarvis, a North Carolina-based artist who specializes in handmade, “fairy-inspired” creations. Using crystals, animal bones, insect wings, and maybe a little bit of fairy dust, these pieces toe the line between magic and sorcery.

Kristen Jarvis’ beautifully haunting work features a combination of light and dark crystals and skulls.

Glow-in-the-dark raccoon skulls, fitted with crowns of crystals.

Deer skull with quartz.

On what inspires her art, Jarvis says, “I love animals, nature, and anything magical. Somehow all three of these have fused together into what I create on a daily basis, crystallized skulls and fairy wing earrings.”

Crystalized raccoon skull.

Fairy wing earrings (made from the wings of cicadas).

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Jarvis began her artistic career with painting, but found it made her feel “stuck.” She says, “I could never figure out what to paint on that blank canvas in front of me.”

Moonstone necklace framed by the jaw of a muskrat.

Silver fox pelt.

But then one day, a classmate brought her a raccoon skull to paint. “With the skull, it didn’t feel as empty as a canvas.”

Crystalized porcupine skull.

Plastic eggs filled with animal oddities (just in time for Easter!).

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“The use of the skull also opened my eyes to other things around me that passed away; predominately cicadas and dragonflies, and how they were the perfect size to fit a fairy.”

Beetle wing necklace.

With her newfound materials, Jarvis says “[I] figured out my own style to my art, and to myself.”

Taxidermy mouse with fairy wings.

Jarvis assures her fans that all of the materials she uses are ethically sourced, meaning nothing was killed to make her creations. You can see more of Kristen Jarvis’ enchanting creations by visiting her Etsy page, or by following her on Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr!

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