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This Guy Lost Over Seven Stone To Have His First Kiss


1. This is the incredible transformation of Jake Golding, 23, from Leicester.

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2. Golding lost SEVEN STONE, which is amazing in itself, but wait till you hear why.

Caters News

In May last year, Golding met the love of his life online. But he didn’t want her to see him at such a large size. So he set to work doing something about it.

3. He told the Caters news agency:

I met Carlisa online in May last year, and we had an instant connection. We used to video chat a lot but I was always too scared to show her my body in case it put her off – I told her I was big but I never wanted to show her.

She lives in New York but we wanted to make it work, so we agreed that she would come over this January as part of her studies for five months, but I wanted to lose as much weight as possible before then. Carlisa helped me gain confidence, and with the weight melting away, I felt like a new person.

4. Golding has struggled with his weight since he was a little boy.

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“I was always big compared to the others and I was never really active,” he said. “I hated PE – I just didn’t want to get changed in front of everyone else, and I hated running. I tried not to let the comments phase me but I didn’t have any confidence. All my mates were going out all the time and they had girlfriends. I didn’t even want to try and find a girl. I stayed in because I didn’t want to get turned down.”

He ended up gorging on chocolate and crisps. By the time he was 16 he weighed 20 stone (280lbs).

“I have a big family so there was a lot of food around so I could help myself whenever I wanted,” he said. “I was too afraid to have a girlfriend as I thought I’d be rejected. Girls actually made the worst comments about me so I just focused on college and work instead. They turned their noses up at me but now they’re the girls who try and talk to me. I haven’t bothered responding.”

5. “When we finally met it was just amazing – we were both each other’s first relationship and it was incredible to share our first kiss together.”

Caters News

Caters News


6. He goes on to say:

Carlisa always says she wouldn’t care if I was eight stone or 50. But I wanted to be my best for her – she deserves the best of everything. Carlisa is definitely the woman for me and I know I will marry her some day. She’s changed my life.

7. “We went to Paris whilst she was here and went to Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower – it was the best week of my life.”

Caters News

Caters News


Jake trained in the gym for between one and two hours a day, five days a week. “It was pretty intense but I wanted to whatever I could to look my best for Carlisa,” he said. “I had joined once before but never kept it going. This time I was determined to. With the help of my brother, friends and research on the internet I came up with this brilliant diet.

“It was high in protein and low in carbs and at the same time I was training in the gym for between one and two hours a day. I’ve lost weight but now started bulking as well and have 10kg of muscle.”

Before he embarked on this regime he would sometimes start the day with four burgers, sausages, beans, and toast. Now he eats porridge for breakfast.

8. However, he has been left with unsightly excess skin on his stomach and legs that he’ll have to get privately removed. He told Caters:

I am working in engineering on a minimum wage, and with a cost of between £5,000 and £6,000 I don’t think I will ever be able to afford to have that done. It does make me feel very depressed, and there are times when I am not sure how to overcome this.

My one goal is of being able to take my top off in front of other people and I just can’t do that. I have met my dream woman and I’m so happy, I would just love to one day get rid of the excess skin, that would complete my journey.


A GoFundMe for his surgery has now been set up!

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