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This Is Either Awesome Or A 15 Foot Death Trap. Either Way, I Want It In My Backyard.


Whenever you live in a state that gets an unreasonable amount of snow every winter, sometimes you have to find creative ways to get rid of the excess powder (and retain your sanity). One girl’s roommate, for instance, decided to spend two weeks clearing out the extra snow in the yard. He did it by (almost maniacally) dedicating his time to building something awesome.

For two weeks, her roommate gathered snow and created bricks.

He did it all in the name of making a 15ft tall igloo.

That’s right. 15 FEET.

It’s gigantic (and beautiful).

The builder standing beside his creation (he is 6’2″).

There is plenty of room inside for all kinds of wintry fun.

A view of the plug at the top.

Although, since there isn’t any “mortar” in between the bricks, we hope this tall masterpiece stays together.

And doesn’t become a wintry deathtrap.

For now, though, it’s an awesome place for parties (that last 10-15 minutes).

Climbing into the party igloo…

High-fiving to celebrate his masterpiece.

This is officially one of the coolest parts of winter.

Before building one of these puppies yourself, you might want to check with your local city planners. In some areas, structures over a certain number of feet tall need to be “engineered.” (Probably to prevent 15ft igloos from caving in.) I just wish I liked being outside in the cold more so I could enjoy one of these awesome igloos. Source: Reddit Share this masterpiece with your friends by clicking the button below.

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