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This Is The First Person To Be Killed By A Meteor In Decades…Watch The Sky!


The world is a dangerous place, and no one really disputes that fact. Some of the things people worry about most tend to be realistic tragedies like terminal illness, natural disasters, and car crashes. One thing that most people never think about, however, is being struck and killed by a meteor.

Meteors strike the Earth all the time, but they’re usually just tiny rocks by the time they reach the surface. Plus, they rarely land near populated areas…until now, that is.

Late last week, the campus of Bharathidasan Engineering College in Tamil Nadu, India, was rocked when a meteor appeared out of a clear sky.

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The meteor landed and left a four-foot crater on the edge of campus. In the explosive landing, bus driver V. Kamaraj was sadly killed.

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At the moment, it’s unclear how exactly Kamaraj was killed by the meteor. Police are still investigating the official cause of death.

Even though he is dead, Kamaraj is destined for posthumous glory, since he’s the second person ever to be killed by a meteor in recorded history. The first death happened in 1825.

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Luckily, the explosion from this impact was significantly smaller than the one in Tunguska, Siberia, that occurred in 1908.

(via Mysterious Universe)

The really scary part about this story is that there’s really no way to protect yourself against the threat of meteors. I don’t think a helmet would do much.

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