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This Little Girl Asked a Beautiful Question. She Died a Week Later, And That Question Meant Everything.


“Why do you think that man said no to becoming a donor?”

That’s the question that Tabitha McLindon, a beautiful 12 year-old, asked at the DMV when she overheard a man refuse to be an organ donor. So when it was her turn, as she got a state-issued ID to open a checking account under her mother’s guidance, she decided to make the selfless decision to say, “Yes.”

One week later, that question – and her answer – meant everything.

No one told Tabitha to do it, but when she went to get a state ID with her mother, she decided to become an organ donor.

A week later, she fell into a coma due to a very rare brain bleed. She died shortly after.

Doctors asked the family if they’d like to donate her organs, but it was a question Tabitha already answered just weeks before.

This beautiful angel knew she wanted to save lives – she just didn’t know how soon. And now multiple people are alive today because of her beautiful decision.

Tabitha’s Wish

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