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This Pig’s Life Was Off To A Rough Start, But Now He’s Having The Best Time Ever


For those of us who love our pets like family, it’s hard to imagine ever intentionally abandoning them. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

While the most common strays you’d find wandering the streets are cats and dogs, one person came across a baby pig on a sidewalk. The little guy who’d later be named Gordo was just three months old and all alone, but now he’s never lonely thanks to a kind, caring lady and some precious animal buddies.

Meylin Hadad from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, took the adorable nugget in and he’s been living his best life ever since. Now he gets all the love and attention he wants…

…plenty of delicious food…

…and tons of other furry siblings at Hadad’s personal animal sanctuary.

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