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This Skydiving Marriage Proposal Went Horribly Wrong. You Have To See What Happened Mid-Jump.


Firefighter and skydiving enthusiast, Brandon Strohbehn, decided to surprise his partner Nicole by proposing to her 12,500ft in the air, mid skydive. Nicole had no idea what was coming as the pair leapt from the plane in what is referred to as a “Mr. Bill” exit – with Nicole holding on to Brandon’s harness as he opened his parachute. On the way down Brandon produced a ring. But disaster appeared to strike when it slipped from his grasp and plummeted through the air. Luckily though, it was all just part of his dastardly plan. The dropped ring was only a fake, with the real wedding band waiting for Nicole down on the ground, as friends and family cheered them on.

May they enjoy many happy years pranking each other and their future kids. (Source: Barcroft TV) Share this pranktastic marriage proposal with your friends below.

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