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This Tammy Bruce point puts NASA’s privatizing in brutal perspective


What was the major announcement?

#NASA is outsourcing its work to private industry — And it’s about time. #space

— B. Wayne Hughes, Jr. (@BWayneHughesJr) September 17, 2014

Wait, what?! We thought the private sector was bad and stuff. Surely they didn’t, and can’t, “build that.”

NASA taps Boeing to lead return to human spaceflight …

— (@Mynorthwest) September 17, 2014

Honored to be chosen by @NASA to be part of America's human spaceflight program

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) September 16, 2014

Radio host and author Tammy Bruce made a point that puts this move in brutal perspective.

So we privatize space flight because it's more efficient, right after the Fed decides it's taking over all healthcare. Got it.

— Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) September 16, 2014


@HeyTammyBruce @SeeTac7 You can't buy votes with space flight

— Dave in Texas (@DaveinTexas) September 17, 2014

@HeyTammyBruce @hale_razor Tammy, the president can't control the entire American public w/space flight. He CAN w/insurance.

— Hariette Petersen (@selahvtoday) September 16, 2014

And an exit question for the Obama administration:

@HeyTammyBruce Brilliant! What has the gov ever done efficiently? @Jami_USA @peddoc63 @AmyMek @SuePalmers @petefrt @WSCP1 @Patriotic_Me

— ChadHarvey (@ChadHarvey7) September 17, 2014

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