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Today I Learned That Most Monkeys Are Total Perverts. Yup. I Never Knew.


Monkeys are of course our closest animal relatives. They have opposable thumbs, emotions and…apparently they can be complete perverts. (Just like us.)

These cheeky monkeys have no shame in letting us know how beautiful they think our women are. I’m not saying all monkeys are seriously twisted. But once you see these perverted primates, you’ll think twice before taking your kids to the zoo.

1.) Taking in the view.

2.) “Nice weather we’re having…very nice.”

3.) Please don’t encourage the creepy monkey.

4.) This monkey’s plan to pretend to be a purse is apparently working.

5.) Even baby monkeys are pervs sometimes.

6.) This monkey is going out on a limb…at least that’s what he says.

7.) Easy boys…

8.) This monkey will gladly rub sunscreen your back.

9.) At least this monkey is wearing pants, I guess.

10.) Cute, but um…

11.) I’m kind of alright with this guy. I like he’s energy.

12.) This is getting really weird.

13.) Why do I get the feeling these orangutans should be wearing t-shirts with greek symbols on them.

14.) Please don’t let the creepy monkey in between you and your girlfriend.

15.) Cue “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic movie.

16.) I’m beginning to think the creepy monkey is just a man dressed up as a creepy monkey.

17.) That moment when you realize your boyfriend acts differently around his friends.

18.) Be careful chimp, or you’re going to hear her roar.

These monkeys need to stop monkeying around women’s bikini tops. Also: why are women hanging around monkeys in bikini tops. Where do all these pictures take place? I don’t understand how all these women are coming in contact with monkeys. Reality is breaking. I don’t know what planet I’m on anymore. 

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